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 They say; research is to see what everybody has seen and think of what nobody else has thought. And when it comes to business, research is the backbone that makes it stand on the market. But as much as research may sound ciché to some, it’s an easier said than done process that requires one’s ability to foresee how and why things are done, thus making improvements accordingly.


Gathering itemized information from all the areas of business, determining who your main competitors are, finding which product or service is more saleable and in demand, figuring out where to spend and invest money to make the most of sales and profits, coming up with effective strategies that may save your business time and money and other complicated procedures that help in making wise decisions.

At Content Presence, we bear all of that. We will unlock your business’s best potential on the market and make it embrace the very new and best business models. We will come up with in-depth research on your business industry and its competitors in order to build successful growth strategies afterward.

Our Package of Research Services that we offer

In order to make a business stand on the online market, you must be familian with the changing market trends.  Our customized research services will come up with in-depth insights that will make you identify your business’s opportunities in the market.

Social Media Research

Social media is a great source of information when it comes to gathering insights about a service or product. Our social media research services will help you identify valuable information and insights from different social media platforms that will strengthen your business and improve customer relationships.

Content Research

Have you ever inquired what makes content more scalable and marketable? Well then, it’s deep research. We believe that a great content marketing strategy is based on great research and planning. We will help you identify the trending content themes that will drive engagement and generate high leads.

Product Research

The key to high sales is product research. Once you have insights into your product and its niche, you will understand its strengths and identify its weaknesses. Content Presence will help you find products that will make you stay ahead of your niche competitors and generate a better ROI.

SEO Keywords Research

Though it’s time-consuming, but it’s what will unlock more search traffic for your website. SEO keywords are the must-terms that will move the needle for your website. We will look deeply into the millions of Google’s keywords to find those that align with the service or product you offer.

We know how to determine the answer to your questions

It always starts with simple questions, but then these questions’ answers become your main insights and data that enlighten your way towards achieving your business goals. But as much as it may sound cliché to some, research is what initiates your long-term marketing or advertising plan success.

Our team of experts is able to come up with key data and insights that will make an efficient impact on your business for the long-term. We have experience in analyzing the gathered information to better understand how to solve the market challenges that can interfere with your business’s way towards success.

Why your business requires previous deep research?

It’s normal for a new business to throw its focus on results, but it is not normal for it to ignore the essential process that can prevent it from witnessing the precarious state after a few months. Research is what can save your business from having that state.

Being able to set clear objectives

Goals-setting is easier said than done. You may have a brand new business idea, but without clear goals, it will suffer from blurred direction. And research is what will light the way towards what you’re striving to accomplish.

Better understand your competitors

The business world is not free from competition, but what makes a business stands above others in the same industry is the ability to compete effectively and efficiently, and research is what helps achieve that.

Gain better insights about your service/product

What if you can predict whether your product or service is saleable or not? Well, research provides you with key insights about your product or service that will save you money and lead you to increased sales over time.

Keep you up-to-date with the trends

What worked in the past won’t really work today. Staying up-to-date on your industry helps your business proceed and knows where it’s headed in the future. And research helps you keep up with your industry progress.

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Social Media​​

With our social media account management service, our team will ensure that your brand shines perfectly.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the most important things for any brand that owns a website. We are keen to provide the best through this service to get you on the first pages of the search engines.

Content Writing

Content remains king no matter how traditional that sentence may sound. In this service, we provide you with all kinds of content that guarantees a comprehensive marketing plan.

Why Choose Content Presence?

Planning & Implementation
We set goals for each of our clients' projects then we make plans to reach these goals in the agreed time after reviewing the customer's niche/brand.
Because every client is 100% results-focused, we too focus on the clients' goals utilizing our experts’ knowledge, skills, and experience to reach these goals.
Experience matters to us! For that, we do not hire whoever! Our team members possess years of experience in content marketing with proven results.

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